No, not the Passion 268Generation.

And no, not the movie about Christ.

Passions. You know, those “matters” that settle deep inside of you and cause you to feel enormous joys, enormous indignations, and the indescribable compelling to affect change in the world. Passions.

So what affects you? What are you passionate about? Who are you passionate about? Social injustice? Abuse? The Gospel? Sound Doctrine? Writing? Worshiping? Praying?

I really want to know what it is you all are passionate about.

1,000 SemBlog points for each answer.

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7 Responses to Passions

  1. Raptor says:


  2. semmie says:

    Basketball? Seriously? Gross.

    I used to like basketball…when Jojo played in high school and in college. 🙂

  3. Raptor says:

    I coach 8th grade boys basketball now. It’s a bit of a thrill to teach them a play and have them run it successfully.

    But to add to the passions list.

    Sports (in general)
    Video Games
    Reading about any of the above topics.

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