Job Hunt Peeves

So I have a few peeves about the job hunt that I’d like to share here just to get them out of my brain.

  1. Email rejections. They’re just so unprofessional. I suppose there’s a time and a place for these, but I still loathe them. Email applications strike me as unprofessional, so why would I feel any differently about email rejection letters?
  2. Email rejections, part B. Okay, if your application process happens electronically, then an email rejection letter is okay. I suppose. But if I’ve printed a resume, filled out an application, mailed it or dropped it off to you, driven into town for an interview, and then sent you a thank-you note, an email rejection is more like a slap-in-the-face than a professional correspondence.
  3. Typos. Honestly. If I submitted an application, resume, or cover letter with grammatical or spelling errors, I would not even be considered for the position. Don’t send me a rejection letter that wouldn’t pass a high school English course.
  4. References. If you are going to base your hiring decision on what a past employer might say about me, then I think it’s only fair that you offer me a heads-up and say, “Is there anything about your past employers that you want to talk about before I call them?” Let’s be fair. Not all former employers are going to give glowing reviews, and it’s not always the former employee’s fault.
  5. Incompetence. I recently went into an establishment where I’ve applied several times and have never even been interviewed; and my cashier gave me wrong change. At the end of the day, we learned that she had given wrong change not only to me, but to at least one other person. I wanted to look the store manager in the eye and say, “You’ll hire her but not me?”

So there you have it. There are more peeves, but these are the ones on my mind today. Maybe I’m being nit-picky; but I think sometimes employers forget that they are being interviewed, too. Just remember, you get what you get.

How about you? Do you have any peeves about job hunting?

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7 Responses to Job Hunt Peeves

  1. Jayce says:

    I definitely don’t like the ones that never tell you whether you’re rejected or not. Being stuckin the air is the worst.

  2. semmie says:

    You’re absolutely right, Jayce…that one makes my list, too!

    Good to see you, by the way! Are you well?

  3. Jayce says:

    Yeah, kinda! 😛 Just blogging, like you. =]

  4. Jayce says:

    PS – You can challenge me anytime. =]

  5. sallyhanan says:

    That stinks. Send me your resume and I might be able to jazz it up.

  6. semmie says:

    ROFL! I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks. 🙂

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