The Waiting

Aaaaaaaah, The Waiting!

So I was driving home, and SmileFM played an old song from The Waiting. It happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. You can go and listen to it on The Waiting’s myspace page if you want. It’s presently the second song on the list: Hands in the Air. By all means, listen to the others, too! But. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to this song without crying. I’m such a baby.

And oh! I was flooded with memories! The Waiting was, if I remember correctly, at Sonshine Festival the first year that I went. They weren’t at the main stage, but were at the second or third stage along with MXPX and…oh…Sozo, maybe? I cried at Sozo, just so you know, but that’s an entirely different story, and it involves water and instruments. So.Good times.

Anyway, I don’t think Toge and I even intended to see The Waiting perform. I could be wrong. One of us (I won’t say which one of us) had a slight crush on one of the guys from Sozo, and I think we were waiting to see them. Togs–did you know of The Waiting prior to this? At any rate, I was not familiar with them until this concert. I thought they were remotely cool when they did the 500 Miles song, but Todd Olsen settled the matter for me when he played his guitar…behind his back.

That’s right…behind his back. It was the funniest, weirdest, most personable thing I had ever seen from a “musician.” It was a life-changing thought for me–that music could be both soul-searching and fun. And there it was. I was hooked.

I saw The Waiting several years later when I was volunteering at FireUP. In fact, I was as high as the sky that weekend because I had the lucky job of working at their table! WOOHOO! I have a picture somewhere that Toge took of me at their table. Hm…mental note: find the picture.

Anyway, Brad Olsen released a solo album last year, as I understand it. I had no idea. Sorry, Brad. But I will buy it. And I will love it, I’m sure.

But behold–greatness of all greatnesses–The Waiting…has a new album coming out this year! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

This is me, going fangirlish.

See Jenn? It can happen.

I’m so happy.

Today is such a good day!

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