Not desires or pursuits, but dreams.

Two nights ago, I dreamed an odd dream. It was me. All I could see of myself was my head, shoulders, and hair. I wasn’t smiling or frowning; my face was expressionless and calm. My hair was down, which was odd, because I almost never wear my hair down anymore. I was against a light-colored backdrop of some sort. It looked like a soft and fuzzy blanket. And I was wearing red. The odd part of the dream is this: I was speaking. Now, I know this doesn’t make sense, but try to stay with me. It was as if my body were separate from itself. The part that was speaking was me, but I was seeing and hearing through a separate me, if that makes sense. It was as if I were having a conversation with myself, except only one me was speaking. Anyway, the me that was speaking was not speaking English, which is odd, because I don’t speak but a smidgen of French, and I don’t know any other language well enough to hold any semblance of a conversation. And more oddly, I didn’t recognize the language. If it had been Russian or Latin or Pidgin or Japanese, I would have recognized it. Are you ready for the really odd part? In the dream, the me that was being spoken to understood everything that the me who was speaking was saying–but the me that understood it, didn’t understand it in English. It wasn’t as if I heard it and thought of it in English; I just understood what the other me was saying. I will tell you, it was so calming and filled me with peace. It sounded like music to me.

That was two nights ago. Well, last night–or this morning, rather–I was having the same dream! The only difference was that this time, as I was listening to the other me speak, something was stinging on my left cheek. I kept reaching up to push it away. Whatever it was, it hurt. I grew very restless as the other me was speaking, and finally in a moment of panic, I woke up to find that Mullins (my cat) was laying on my side and was thumping her tail on my cheek to get me to pet her.

What are the chances that I would have the same dream two nights in a row? Does it mean something? Or was the second dream more of a memory of the first dream because I had been trying to figure out what the first dream might have meant?

And…does anybody else have odd dreams like this that make them feel as if they are supposed to know or do something, but they don’t know what?

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