Veteran’s Day 2009

An excerpt from a letter:

It’s Veteran’s Day. Today we honor those who have defended freedom with their blood and lives, not only our freedom–yours and mine, but freedom for those living under great oppression all around the world. Somehow, we have always believed that life was valuable, and so we have struggled through tyranny and slavery and injustice and wars and poverty to protect life and freedom.

And yes, no doubt, we have made enormous mistakes as a nation; at times we have chosen sin outright. But we’ve always believed in redemption, too. A life of sin does not exempt us from goodness; a life of goodness does not exempt us from sin. At the end of the day, we’re all just the same. We all desire security, freedom, pardon.

America has always pursued these, not always to our credit, but always to our character. Can we take pride in our history of oppression towards Native and Black Americans? Towards women? Certainly these have been to our shame. But we can lift our heads high for having chosen as a nation to repent of these evils and choose justice. We can rejoice that ours has always been the nation to lead the way to justice and freedom. We can honor those men and women who have given all, even their very life’s breath, for this great cause. We can honor their sacrifices, big and small. Truly, these are heroes. Would that each one were given the honor and recognition due him!

But today in this once-great nation, we bicker about Health Care and Climate Change and which companies are “too big to fail.” Our freedoms slowly slip from our fingers, but most of us are too busy trying to survive this economic nightmare to notice; and many who do notice feel helpless to affect any change in this political mess of socialization.

Who will fight* for our freedom once again? Who will rise up and refuse to be silenced? Who will be that unquenchable flame that purges us of our cancerous follies? Who will dare to oppose tyranny and oppression once again? And when it is all said and done, what will history say of us?

Is there any hope for America? I believe with all of my heart that the principles and values this country was founded upon will be the very mercies that steady our nerves, set our feet firmly, and save the State.

God bless America.

Today, honor those who defend our freedoms. Thank a Veteran.

Many blessings to those who serve.

Pax Christi.


*This is not a battle of military or physical strength, of weapons and firepower; but of ideals and words, of pens and voices. I do not condone violence of a physical or verbal nature, and will not be held responsible for any moron who reads my words and acts out in violence, terror, or harm to any other.

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3 Responses to Veteran’s Day 2009

  1. The worst of America often far outstrips the best of other nations in the world. I have had the priveledge of traveling the world, and the honor of doing so in service to this nation. There is a reason why others in the world are willing to risk life, career and loss of family to come here.

    Thank you for your thoughts on this day. I was home for 30 years before a stranger said, welcome home. I was home for 35 before someone said, thank you. In truth, I required neither, as I do not require a pledge to be loyal, nor a flag in order to love my country. Still, those elements are assuring as we, in the vanguard of the past, place ourselves in a defensive position to ensure that those who now serve and fight on our behalf are not treated as we were when we of the Vietnam era returned home to an angry, hateful nation.

    When war erupted in the middle east, the phrase I heard most from fellow vets regarding treatment of our military personnel, was never again. Protest the war, as you wish. Disagree with government policies and practices relative to the war as you wish. But know this: those who serve and fight in our behalf hate war more than any other. It is they who stand in harm’s way, commited to the ultimate sacrifice if needed. They are not faceless minions of the governemt, neither are they bloodthirsty savages with no moral or ethical compass. They are our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives, our fathers and mothers, our friends, our children for so long as they wear the uniform of our nation.

    They do what they do because of love of country, love of fellow Americans. They choose to fight in hopes that their children will never have to. They are, if nothing else, someone loved by God.

    In gratitude to the finest our nation has to offer,


  2. semmie says:

    As always, Dashy, you are wise beyond your years, and outrageously well-spoken. Thank you for sharing.

    And thank you for serving.

  3. privilege . . . I know how to spell. I do.

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