Here are some questions on my brain lately.

  • Is there a difference between Christianity and the Church? If so, what is it?
  • What can I do to spice up some blue jeans?
  • I haven’t changed anything in the way I make risotto, so why is my rice not as tender as the last time I made it?
  • Why might the government want to commit more money for another Stimulus Package, when they haven’t even spent all the money from the first one? Where is the benefit in this?
  • Is my resume too long?
  • How much Vitamin D is too much?
  • Why does it inevitably happen that when a friend falls in love, they sacrifice friendships?
  • Will Arya and Sansa ever see their family again?

If you have the answers to any of these questions, please let me know. Excepting the last one, of course! I don’t want you to tell me what happens to Arya or Sansa.

I need to go and write now.

Pax Christi.


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3 Responses to Questions

  1. Jennifer says:

    1. Yes, one is a religion. One is an institution.
    2. tear holes in them…paint them…add sequins. lots of options there.
    3. hmmm…good question. Did you use a different amount of water? Or different type of rice?
    4. Because they are more interested in power or pleasing others then in sound, financial decisions. How many of these representatives & senators have degrees in accounting? Not many, I would assume, based on their recent voting habits.
    5. A good resume is one to two pages with the most important/pertenent info on the first page. Because most employers don’t want to read more than one page. You may have to change your resume often based on what employment you are applying for.
    6. Google it.
    7. When someone falls in love, they are faced with a brand new way of thinking, of living, of loving. Loving one person in an intimate relationship that does not parallel any other relationship in life takes time and learning and getting to know that other person. It means there will be change in the way they see and understand relationship. That does not mean they have to sacrifice friendships, but this often happens anyway. Friendships do not have to be sacrificed, but a change in the relationship between the person in love and their friends may occur due to the fact that their life-direction is changing. For other friends who are in “love” with their significant other, this opens up a world of things to talk about. But for friends who are single, this brings up many challenging changes in communication and relationship.
    8. I can’t give that away, because I don’t have a clue who Arya and Sansa are.

    I LOVE YOU SEMMIE!!! And I will never let you go! Hope you get some creative ideas for your jeans.

  2. semmie says:

    Mmm…it’s not actually for jeans. Well, it IS, but…not for jeans. 🙂

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