A Psalm

Oh, my God, my loving Father
Oh, my Rock and my Salvation
Oh, my Strength and Fortress
I will wait for You

Lift these hands, I’ll give You my heart
Lift my eyes to see all You are
Lift my soul to know You, Lord
I will wait for You

(C)2008 Sarah Moore

I wrote this in 2008 after reading Psalm 59. I was so enraptured by the tone of the psalm that I wanted to write a short worship chorus that dealt with the idea of waiting for God, or “watching” for Him, as the Psalmist says. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, just a simple “I’m waiting” kind of song. I had forgotten about it, to be honest. I stumbled upon it tonight, as I tend to do with songs–they sit in a pile of song guts until some random moment when I pull it out and try to make sense of it. This one didn’t need attention, in my opinion, but I found after singing through it several times that I have a couple of beefs. I was hoping someone might shoot a thought in my direction regarding these two cows.

1. The first line. I’m not happy with “my loving Father” as a phrase for this verse. The first draft of the song used, “I wait for You” in its place–but it is one syllable short. I need a five-syllable phrase here. Any thoughts?

2. I’m not SURE, but I THINK maybe there should be a one-line refrain after each verse. My inkling is to repeat the line, “I will wait for You,” but I’m not sure. Another option might be, “I will sing of Your love.” I don’t have a melody for this one-line refrain yet, so there’s not really any parameter as to how it should flow, necessarily. I’d like something, obviously, that jives with the ideas in Psalm 59.

So…anybody feeling daring enough to offer suggestions? 🙂

Pax Christi.

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