The Future of the Church

What is the future of the Church here in America?

With all that is happening in our country, I suspect that we will see drastic changes in church as we know it. I’ve heard many ideas. Some seem to think the Church will see massive growth. Some seem to think the Church will drastically evolve into something more geared to our internet-based society. And some seem to think the Church is about to finally fade away like the Flat Earth.

I’m not sure that I agree or disagree with any of these views unless I am able to agree and disagree with all of them. How’s that for fence-posting a position? Ah, but isn’t that how it goes? Isn’t it true that reality is usually not extreme? It is usually that odd combination of several things that seem to oppose each other. For the record, that is why I’m a Molinist. Scripture seems to support the idea that juxtaposed truths need not falsify each other. So I agree and disagree with all of the above ideas of the Church.

So what do you think? As America crumbles from the inside out, what roll will the Church play? What will become of the Church?


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One Response to The Future of the Church

  1. Kelp says:

    I think American true Christianity will be more and more marginalized as people like John Spong get more and more seen as acceptable Christian options and conservative, supernaturalist Christianity gets lumped in with Fred Phelps and co.

    Eventually, we will be looked at like Holocaust-deniers as the semi-positivistic rhetoric of the Four Horsemen (and folks like Richard Feynman before them)gains more and more ground as a presupposed starting philosophy in this culture. I think we are seeing the fruits of it in Canada and Australia already were calling homosexuality a sin (I’m not talking about the lamentable way that homosexuals get treated in churches often, I agree with you on how problematic that is, but just the act of calling the lifestyle what it is) lands the speaker in jail or else causes the swift assassination of his/her character via your friend and mine, the Fourth Estate.

    Since I brought up Holocaust denial, they do the same thing to it in Europe, especially Austria where it is pretty much a crime to advocate it; eg. David Irving. Now, obviously Irving is a sicko and I tend towards thinking Holocaust denial *should* actually be censored to an extent, but I realize it’s a slippery slope indeed. What ideas that a society deems to be too dangerous to be allowed varies with what society you’re talking about and it doesn’t seem to me to be too much of a stretch to imagine American and European Christianity being flushed down the same public toilet before too long; especially when there are “alternatives” such as multifaith services and the Unitarian Unniversalists that some atheists I’ve seen pretty much embrace as their own people.

    So, I think we’re heading for a major persecution in this country, we’ll be back to being described as a “dangerous and perverse superstition”. The things is, as long as antisupernaturalism and today’s level of technology persists, as long as people keep thinking that throwing more technology and the god of Oprah at their problems is the answer to the sickness in their souls, as long as people think in other words that they’ve “outgrown such primitive superstitions”; I don’t think we’ll get another Constantine to turn the heat down; history doesn’t seem to be that cyclical.

    I expect the rest of the world will follow suit. Africa can maybe (assuming that their leaders somehow resist the international community’s pressure to turn persecutor) last about a century or two as a hotbed of authentic Christianity, but Western “scientific” influence will eventually turn it into a second Europe.

    All of this is not to say that authentic Christianity will disappear. The gates of Hell will not triumph. But should Jesus not return soon, it’s a bleak future indeed. Personally I don’t mind all that much, but I think that’s a psychological disorder on my part *shrug*. I would like to be wrong though, I just feel sometimes like I’m going sane in a crazy world lol.

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