New America

Welcome to the New America.

There are few jobs to be had, and the deck is so stacked against anyone–with or without a job–that it doesn’t matter who you bank with, who your doctor is, what kind of vehicle you drive, or whether you vote Democrat or Republican. It’s stacked. And we’re the suckers. We’re the bloody morons who elect these power-hungry, anti-capitalist, “everybody needs health care,” oh-em-gee!-save-the-planet-before-all-the-snow-in-Michigan-melts elitists.

Health Care Reform? HEALTH CARE REFORM???

How about if this administration and our congress used some of our money to create LONG-TERM jobs so that we could buy our own friggin health care.

Better yet–how about if they give our money back. That’s right–work for free, Washington! How about if we spread YOUR wealth around. Eh?

Remember when America meant opportunity? Not just opportunity to succeed, but opportunity to fail? Remember when America meant freedom to worship? Freedom to serve? Freedom to speak? Freedom to have a private conversation with your doctor? Freedom to keep the thermostat in your house wherever you wanted it (because whether they realize it or not, some of us live in climates a little bit colder than California)? Freedom to work and save and build a future? Freedom to live?

Remember when our elected officials served the country because they felt it was their duty to do so, and not because of the great pay and bennies? Remember when we didn’t know what “politicians” were, because the guys in D.C. were our neighbors and brothers and colleagues who sacrificed time and money and opportunity so they could serve us? Remember when our public servants studied the words of men who believed in LIFE?

Remember when we sang God Bless America and meant it?

Remember when we used to pledge our allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America? And to the Republic for which it stood?–one nation, under God, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL?

Do you remember?

My God! What have we become?

Washington…wake up. As John Rich says, “Here in the real world, they’re shutting Detroit down.” But then…perhaps that was the plan all along, eh, Mr. Politician?

Kyrie Eleison.

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4 Responses to New America

  1. jdmoser says:


  2. semmie says:

    …and the peasants rejoice!

  3. russellandduenes says:

    Concur! I remember hearing them sing “God Bless America” at a baseball game and someone commenting that they didn’t like it because they thought it led to a “weird nationalism.” I asked what he meant, but got no intelligent reply. My guess: He was simply embarrassed by the song. Too much America for him.

  4. semmie says:

    isn’t it amazing how uncomfortable people have become with patriotism in this country?

    russellandduenes, i’ve no idea who you are, but i wholeheartedly welcome you to my blog and thank you for your comment!

    p.s. Go Tigers!

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