Stupid Questions: A Rant


Ten years ago, it was “There are no stupid questions.”

Today, it is “There are no stupid questions–only stupid people.”

When did we become a society or sarcasm? When did we stop believing that everyone was entitled to their opinions, their questions, their beliefs–even if we disagreed? If someone is truly stupid, do they not learn and combat stupidity by asking questions and receiving answers? Sheesh.

I have to admit that I am about fed up listening to people criticize the questions and objections of the Americans at the Town Hall Meetings. So what? So stinking what? Americans have every right (and, might I add, every responsibility) to question and challenge their elected officials. If you don’t agree with them, FINE. You have every right to speak up and voice your opinion, too. But calling someone an “idiot”? Telling people their questions and emotions are not valid?

If you had something valid to say, perhaps you wouldn’t feel the need to attack others. If you could answer the questions, perhaps you wouldn’t try to divert everyone’s attention by calling names. If you are so sure that we are so misinformed, perhaps you could take it upon your intellectually superior self to set the record straight with facts.

Eh? D’ya think?

Seriously. Get off of your pedestal and listen to the people you are criticizing. I’m not condoning any violent behavior, or any mob mentality. I’m just saying…it would be easier to debunk all those stupid claims and questions if you were actually listening.


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