the day as it is today

good afternoon, random blog viewers. i haven’t a particular subject or matter to bloviate about today. i have only a few random things worth mentioning. i may even use bullets, since i heart them so.

  • i finally landed me a copy of Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government. i haven’t started reading it yet, but since the sky whispers rain, i will most likely light a candle and dive into it this evening.
  • did i mention it’s going to rain? yeah. i heart rain!
  • i’ve been battling a migraine for the better part of a week now. i woke up with no migraine today! thank you, jesus!
  • i am making risotto tonight. i know, i’m obsessed with risotto. i do heart it so!
  • i received a letter from jenny yesterday, and a letter from kristin today. i am so blessed to have such cool women in my life who will engage me in the art of writing.
  • speaking of writing, i have once again decided to set my story on hold. it seems that my inspiration for this tale flares up and dies down of its own volition. i am merely a frantic clerk, trying to record the entire thing in ink. i will keep you all posted on whether or not i’m spending any energy on it. in the meantime, i am sensing a deep thrust toward something i’m yet unsure of. if anything becomes of it, you’ll be the first to know.
  • i am on the last two chapters of Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis, book 2 of his Space Trilogy. i confess the same bewilderment as when i read the first book. the first two chapters bored me to tears, but once we were on Venus, i was addicted. i will finish this up before i start Beck’s book tonight. i admit, i am far less imaginative than Lewis! even in his very christian approach to fantasy, he is creative and whimsical. i heart Lewis.
  • i really do heart Lewis, even in a way that i don’t necessarily heart Tolkien or Chesterton, or even MacKintosh. each of these men were brilliant in their own right, obviously. Lewis’s place in my heart, though, is not for being a brilliant writer, but for being brilliantly prolific. the man wrote more on any given day than many people will pen in a lifetime. think of it: his day began with writing personal responses to the children who had written Narnia fan mail to him. his day ended with writing in a diary. and in between, he managed to write countless other works (apologia, fantasy, letters, poetry, et cetera). the man was a writing machine.
  • i actually got side-tracked. and i have to go now.

thanks for reading. 🙂

pax christi.


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