500 Words A Day

The goal is to write 500 Words A Day, no less than six days of the week. As I understand, what you write is entirely up to you. Is anybody interested in joining me? Make sure you visit Inky’s site for the details!

Good luck! Happy writing!

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3 Responses to 500 Words A Day

  1. sisstor says:

    I wrote like 10 pages (front and back) in my journal last night…..my current journal is a composition notebook. so I think I hit 500 words.

  2. sisstor says:

    I didnt finish my first comment,…

    but anyway, it was unreal some of the things that just poured out of me as i was writing! of course I wish it were something that were inspiring or something, but I’m sure it’s not much worth reading.

    I couldn’t sleep becasue I was writing, and everytime i turned out the light, my mind would just go into overdrive and I had to write.

    it probably doesn’t make much sense. but when I was done, I laid donw, and saw the sunlight peering in through my window as the sun was rising, and I dozed off and slept for a couple hours. it was good lseep too!

  3. semmie says:

    i love it when that happens! it’s no use fighting it; if your brain is writing, then your pen should be, too. it definitely sounds like more than 500 words to me! are you gonna keep trying for the challenge?

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