Dear Rain

Dear Rain,

I love the sound of rain when it breaks suddenly upon the world. I love the thunder so deep and subtle that it rumbles from your insides out. I love, love, love rain.

When it rains, I am pulled away from reality; I am drawn to a place where anything is possible, a place of inspiration and hope for all of my far-fetched dreams. Each raindrop is a song, flooding my heart with joy, splashing upon me with pattering defiance to the world that says “you can’t,” and “you won’t,” and “you’re not enough.” It is, perhaps, God’s little reminder to us–that with him all things are possible, and in him we are wholly enough for any path he sets us on. All of the dirt washes away and we see everything more clear, more fresh, more vibrant, more green. And life grows.

I want to be green.

I love rain.

Pax Christi.


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