Dear Ishmael

Dear Ishmael,

I wanted to add a blog entry on account of The Box. It is pretty well filled. It brings me to an awkward place. Do I continue writing letters? Do I put The Box away and stop writing? Do I start another box? Do I stuff The Box full so that you cannot even open it without the letters falling out? What say you, blog readers?

I wanted to post an image of The Box, but I’m not sure how to do so on wordpress.  I’ll give it a whirl! 🙂

Here’s the breakdown on the letters.

There are 165 letters total (not including the two Jennifer letters).

The first letter is dated April 27, 2000.

The first 50 letters are bound with a white hairtie, because I went back and re-read those letters in 2001. I felt guilty for doing this, so I resealed the letters and bound them so I would know which ones I had violated.

There are 42 letters from the year 2000.

There are 16 letters from the year 2001.

There are 15 letters from the year 2002.

There is 1 letter from the year 2003.

There are 6 letters from the year 2004.

There are 60 letters from the year 2005.

There are 20 letters from the year 2006.

There are 0 letters from the year 2007.

There are 0 letters from the year 2008.

And there are 5 letters from the year 2009 so far.

Now don’t get your undies in a bunch. I am certain that there are more letters (I am almost certain I will find some letters for 2007 and 2008); I just have to find them. My writing process is mostly unorganized, and I tend to lose what I write. I don’t think there are many more, but there are some. I promise I will find them before I die!

But the question remains: with The Box being full (aside from the space on the side [which won’t fit many envelopes at all] and the space on top [which would throw The Box into chaos]), should I continue to write these letters? Please vote!

Pax Christi.


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4 Responses to Dear Ishmael

  1. sisstor says:

    I don’t understand…..but I voted anyway.

  2. Faust says:

    I am unsure what the name Ishmael means to you, but to me, I think of Moby Dick. So I say start a new box until you catch your white whale or die trying. Maybe even use those lovely boxes to explore the different stages of your life as you enter into doing a new box. That is, after all, the ultimate aesthetic, to have the beauty around us describe outwardly our inner selves. And you’ve a lot of beauty to express. I’ve no doubt.

  3. Pookie says:

    Start a new box!

    BTW….I voted.


  4. Toge says:

    so…what did you decide???

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