Dear America

Dear America,

Did you file your taxes on time? Me, too. I was ahead of the game this year, which was a nice change of pace. I did not miss stressing out late last night, trying to double-triple-quadruple-check to make sure everything was right, or waiting in line at the post office to get my taxes post-marked (and don’t get me started on the local post office parking situation). I feel inspired to file at the beginning of February from now on.

Did you participate in a Tea Party yesterday? I did not. I wanted to, I planned to, and by an unscheduled change in events, I was unable to. I was sorely disappointed. I have heard nothing but good reports from those who were involved.

I am one of those who must make sense of everything. I know–it’s very exhausting and annoying. But it helps. I’m trying to make sense of politics and freedom and the Yellow Brick Road our nation is skipping upon. Were the Tea Parties truly a Republican event? Do we do any justice by denying it, if they were? Here’s the thing: I think these were largely Republican and Conservative Americans. So what? There is no tragedy in Conservatives and Republicans gathering in protest, just as there was no tragedy in the Progressives (formerly known as “Liberals”) and Democrats gathering in protest during the Bush Administration. No, this is no tragedy; if there is a tragedy, it is simply that it has taken this long for so many Americans to wake up to the spending crisis. But I am just as much to blame as anyone, so I won’t pass judgment. What matters now is that we are here, we are involved, and we are not silent.

This is a good thing, America! When her people remember their voice and stand up straight enough to use it, then America is still free. We ought to encourage peaceful protests and rallies of this nature, even if we disagree with the message they send. Our Congress ought to encourage (not discourage) its constituents to communicate with them about the issues closest to the peoples’ hearts and minds, whether that be through email, writing letters, blogging, or yes–peacefully demonstrating on Tax Day. Our President ought to acknowledge the quarter of a million individuals who gathered yesterday, even if he doesn’t give a damn about their tea or their taxes.

And the media? I’ve been critical of Fox in the past because she does lean to the right. But when I saw that footage of CNN “reporter” Susan Roesgen asking a protester a question and then interrupting him repeatedly, and then alleging that the demonstration was somehow not “family viewing,” I was embarrassed for you, CNN. “How long is it since Saruman bought you? What was the promised price, Grima?” If you’re going to report, at least do a fair job of it. If you’re not going to report, then call yourself what you are: Progressive Commentary.

These rallies were not violent, whiney, sore-losing, anti-Obama, anti-government, anti-CNN demonstrations. I appreciate how Michelle Malkin says it: they are “anti-stupid” demonstrations. You can paint this picture however you want, but I truly believe history will show that the folks who gathered yesterday were down-to-earth and concerned about the enormous debt we have been burying ourselves in.

As Beck said once, at least stop the ship long enough to re-assess. Stop printing money, stop bailing out companies, stop, stop, STOP! Take a breath. Let the economy stop wobbling from the trillion dollars we threw at it. And re-assess. Just stop. We don’t have to play the blame-game, because I think most rational, even somewhat-educated Americans recognize that this is not a partisan problem (no matter what CNN says). Government is spending more money than America has.

If a company did that, they’d fail.

Unless of course, we bailed them out.

America, keep singing. Keep praying. Keep speaking. Keep blogging. Keep writing. Keep peacefully demonstrating. Keep balancing your checkbooks. Keep writing to, emailing, and calling your elected officials. Keep your gun unloaded. Keep talking to your friends. Check on each other. Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks of discouragement and despair because they’ve run out of money faster than the rest of the nation.

These are what make us, America.

Pax Christi.


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2 Responses to Dear America

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ha. I love that you quote LOTR. Beautiful.

  2. semmie says:

    it was well-placed, no? 🙂

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